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Dir en grey - East Coast Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Dir en grey - East Coast Community

Welcome to degny_2006!

This community was originally created for fans of Dir en grey that planned on attending the concert at the Avalon night-club in New York, NY on March 21st, 2006. It has now become a general place of gathering for any east coast fan! ... more.

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It's been a long time. [Saturday
December 29th 2007 [12:12am]]

[ mood | accomplished ]

A long time since this community has been created. It was created for people getting ready to see Dir en grey for the first time ever in New York City, way back in '06. Now the dawn of a New Year is almost here, and in a couple of more months--will be the second year anniversary of the live at Club Avalon.

It doesn't feel like it's been nearly two years, has it? 2008 is going to be great. We're in store for a new album, and no doubt a second US tour with a stop in New York City. It'll be that time to get excited all over again, and me as your moderator will definitely make sure to keep this community alive. ;)

It's a home in a way. I met some of the greatest people in the world on here--and I'm grateful for the start of this community. So here's to keeping it alive for the upcoming year of 2008!

Feel free to express hopes, and questions you've got about '08 regarding Dir en grey in NYC. I will be re-vamping the user information as well.

As of 12/29/07
03/21/06 -- New York City
09/01/06 -- Family Values
09/02/06 -- Family Values
09/17/06 -- Family Values
02/05/07 -- Baltimore
02/06/07 -- Philadelphia
02/10/07 -- New York City
06/08/07 -- New York City
06/09/07 -- New York City
06/11/07 -- Niagara Falls

I'm hopeful for 2008!

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August 14th 2007 [2:24am]]

Hey everyone,

This is going to be my first post here in a long, long time and definitely my last post here for good. I am stepping down as role of Maintainer of this community. I am unfortunately doing so without discussing it with any of the other Maintainers, but I have not spoken to any of them in quite some time. To be honest, I haven't had much of an active role since helping get everyone together for that first fateful show at Avalon early last year. Since then, everyone has done everything I was capable and more when it comes to the shows. More importantly, I've kind of moved on as a fan. I don't have the same passion or spirit that I once did about the band and the shows (don't get me wrong, I still LOVE all of it)...but I am starting to feel like an old geezer and its time for me to be much more passive about things.

I wish the other Maintainers and the community the best of luck and to continue to be the best of these communities on LiveJournal.
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June 17th 2007 [9:32am]]




Roseland Ballroom #2 (June 9) report [Sunday
June 10th 2007 [10:01pm]]


Very Kaoru-centric. Not sorry. :P

If you were there, I was the chick with the short, wavy purple and black hair, and a black "Despair of the fault" t-shirt.

Two amazing nights--June 8th and June 9th. [Wednesday
June 13th 2007 [12:58am]]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey guys~~ I hope that those of you who went to the June 8th and/or 9th shows had a really excellent time. I most-deff did. ^^ It was really great to be able to meet some of you~ And as all of us know, the concerts were excellent.

I'm just swinging by to say I wrote a brief live-summary in my LJ, but it also has some pictures from the two concerts. :D I had pretty decent spots for both concerts, so the pictures are pretty good...So...If any of you want to see, they're in my LJ.

I hope you guys had a great [[and safe]] time at the concerts--and any other concerts you guys are going to [[I know some went to the Niagra show after the Roseland ones]]... I'm deffinetly looking forward to the next one. ^^

Okay. My eyes are barely open. I'm going to go sleep.
Hope you guys like the pictures. ^^


A Question that probably won't be answered. [Saturday
June 9th 2007 [2:54pm]]

Does anyone know what the new song they played their very first time in NY? This was the showcase tour or whatever at the Avalon. I've been wondering it ever since MOAB came out.

I read something like The Fatal Believer but I really don't feel that was it. I clearly remember the song being more English or at least starting out with English. This is why I think it was Disabled Complexes. Anyone know for sure? It'll be cool if it was cuz then I can say I saw that song live. Or at least I hope they play it tonight!
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extra ticket for 6/9/07 show? [Thursday
June 7th 2007 [7:23pm]]

[ mood | excited ]

Does anyone have an extra ticket for Saturday' night's show that they can sell to me?

I will pay the price that you paid for it plus the handling fees.

I know since this is last minute mail will not be fast enough but I can pick it up from you at the venue.

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June 8th show? [Wednesday
June 6th 2007 [8:32am]]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

So, I'm going to the show in NYC on June 8th, who els will be there? I'd like to meet up with some fellow Diru fans :3.

I'll be going with a small group of friends, but I'd rather be off with someone els during Diru ((seeing as they don't like them and will probably say some pretty retarded comments during the show >>))

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Shows [Tuesday
June 5th 2007 [6:30pm]]

I went to last nights show in DC, and I figured some people might be curious how it worked out.

As far as a line went... there was basically none. An hour before the show and it was loosely scattered to the end of the block. That might be different in some bigger cities, but I doubt it. More than half the crowd came after the show started, a lot of them even after the Deftones started.

The Fall of Troy played for about half an hour, and it seemed like no time at all. I don't know how it will work out once Diru joins in. They were fun and sounded good, and had a few hardcore fans and a small pit going most of the time. Only a little rudeness from impatient deftones fans. However, they said we were the best crowd of the tour, and I sincerely hope they just said it to say it, because we did rather suck.

With the deftones, apparently they had a huge moshpit that was constantly expanding (I couldn't see, being stuck in the very back behind a 6'8" guy >.< Which brings up the point, a LOT of deftones fans are big guys (guys outnumbering girls maybe... 2 to 1? And most people in their 20's, although there was a large age range). Shorties beware =) I personally like them and think it's worth your while to stay. Although, not knowing their songs, a lot of it did sound the same to me. And if you like Diru then you probably like very raw music. Well the Deftones are anything but. Frilly to the point of stuffiness (in comparison with Diru anyways). The singer is particularly fond of the echo effect.
Very floaty =)

Also, their drummer's set was apparently very small and not up on a stand. And since an opener shouldn't look cooler than the main act, who knows what they're gonna do with Shinya.

Finally, I suppose this varies by the venue, but the lights were crummy, and there was so much flippin fog that it was actually hard to see the bands e.e

Yep... that's about it... Sorry if nobody cares =) Feel free to pester me.

So... Who's excited for Dir en grey!?!?!? *cheers*

Anyone bringing them gifts?
I found this really weird/lame/cool/creepy candle shaped like \m/ that I'm giving them... I dunno wtf they'd want with it, but it amuses me.
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May 31st 2007 [8:05pm]]

So, the Roseland Ballroom shows are NEXT WEEKEND. sfdjkdsfs. Who is excited? :D?

Now onto the real question...

How many of you are going to both shows?

If you are, after the show on Friday..are you going back home [whereever that maybe], forming in line [if that's allowed], leaving and coming back a few hours later, etc..?

I'm just wondering since I might have to end up going by myself and have no idea. :D
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